Chaos at Popular Retail Chain

ss-121123-blackfriday-08.ss_fullChaos broke out this morning at a Durban North branch of popular health, beauty and muscle-building chain, Clicks.

Store manager, Manual Padayachee said the problem started when three of his cashiers got up and left without notice.

Padayachee said, “I heard what sounded like 1000 text messages go off in the shop all at the same time, when all hell broke loose. My customers dropped their baskets and rushed to the door as if they had heard a fire alarm. Unfortunately, so did three of my four on-duty cashiers.”

It turns out the text message originated from Edcon Head Office. It was the official announcement of a Red Hanger Sale.

(Below: Moments after text message)


Padayachee said the only customers left in his store were  around 50-odd Old Age Pensioners.

“Tuesday is discount day for our loyal OAPs,” he said. “I don’t think most of them even heard their phones going off.”

102-year-old Maude Livestrong spent just short of 30 minutes at the one remaining cashier at Clicks, paying for a packet of peppermints with her 171 various loyalty cards.

Maude said, “I don’t have one of these BlackCherries everyone speaks of. I don’t trust any of it. I didn’t get the fax. I like the odd grapefruit now and then. My neighbour hates them.”

(Below: Maude makes her way home, unfazed by Red Hanger Sale)


Maude continued to say that she folds her clothing between moth balls and has no need for red hangers.

Edgars Gateway could not be reached to verify claims of a Red Hanger Sale.

Padayachee insisted everything was under control and urged customers not to avoid his store today.


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