Susan Boyle sex tape refuses to leak

sextapeA sex tape, allegedly featuring 53-year-old Scottish singer Susan Boyle and 83-year-old Scottish compatriot Ronnie Corbett, has failed to leak.

Boyle confirmed the two had ‘enjoyed a romantic liaison’ earlier this year in April, after Boyle had performed at a concert held by the Scottish Heritage Society.

“We recorded everything, and Ron promised me his agent had sent it to all celebrity gossip magazine editors the world over,” Boyle said.

“It was initially YouTube that made me famous, so I just tried to give something back to my fans. It appears they respect me far too much to accept the gift, she said. “Oh, he flipped me over, under, that way, this way and even cracked a joke or two for me.”

Corbett confirmed the liaison had taken place and also that it was filmed by his daughter Sophie Corbett.

“Sophie took a copy of it with to work for a client function a few weeks ago too, so I am not sure why the news or visuals have not yet spread. Something else did a short while ago,” the comedian said.

A spokesperson from Susan Boyle Management refused to properly comment, saying, ” I deal purely with the professional dealings of my clients, and from what I’ve heard, neither were very professional in this video! I refuse to watch it.”

Rumours have spread of an interest in the video by the producers of National Geographic. This has not yet been confirmed.

At the time of going to print, #newsbyrory had received over 400 copies of the video from Corbett.

“We’ll just keep sending it until we get a view,” said Boyle.

Boyle rose to international fame in the 2009 edition of Britian’s Got Talent while Corbett is yet to do so.



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