Condemnation for Gift of the Givers

Humanitarian Organisation, Gift of the Givers has come under intense international scrutiny during the past week after it emerged food parcels donated to Somalia contained traces of 2012_9$thumbimg124_Sep_2012_140415826-llgluten.

#newsbyrory has received word that over 45 000 Somalians have lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations after discovering gluten in the muffins.

Gift of the Givers head Imtiaz Sooliman admitted it was a very irresponsible error to have made.

“We donated R4,2 million worth of food and medical assistance to volunteers and government aid associations in the Somalian capital Mogadishu. I received a call from the UN late on Friday saying charges had been laid and I would need to appear before an international commission in November.”

This is not the first time Gift of the Givers has found itself in hot water.

In 2009, a strand of hair was reportedly found in a sachet of soup sent to Zimbabwe.

A warrant of arrest was issued in Zimbabwe for Sooliman, and he is yet to comment nor hand himself over.

A Somalian health official said hospitals were suddenly inundated with cases of gluten intolerance last week, and simply could not cope.


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