Man has ground-breaking epiphany before dying

formulaA Johannesburg man may have solved one of our most intricate and unexplained mysteries, before passing away in bizarre fashion on Sunday night.

48-year-old Solomon Edgespinner, who ran a garden service company in Johannesburg, reportedly managed to unpack the hidden code in his medical aid plan, but died before he was able to properly share the knowledge.

His wife, 39-year-old Rita said she was sharpening her husband’s lawnmower blades in the kitchen, when she heard him shout out, “Prescribed minimum fucking benefits!”

Still shaken and heavily sedated, Rita said she then heard what sounded like a gun shot coming from the lounge.

Netcare 911 spokesperson and respondent, Stuart Brews described the scene in the Edgespinner lounge as the worst he had ever come across.

“I’ve attended to some pretty bizarre incidents in my time, but this was just mind blowing. In fact, mind blowing is exactly what happened,” said Brews. “There was nothing left, except a belt buckle, an allergy alert bracelet and two scribbled notes.”

“I have no idea who is going to pay for my wasted time, because their medical aid doesn’t cover it,” Brews said.

One of the notes, presumably written by Solomon, says: ‘Get gap cover because’ while the other one contains highly encrypted and detailed mathematics formulae.

It is believed Solomon understood entirely his medical aid scheme – an occurrence believed to be unprecedented in South Africa – before his brain simply gave up and exploded.

Copies of both pieces of paper found at the scene have been sent to NASA for analysis.

At the time of writing, #newsbyrory had been denied comment by no less than 50 different medical aid brokers.

The Hippo also refused to offer any sort of explanation, but managed to save #newsbyrory R8,17 per month on its car insurance.


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