Investigation into Winner of America’s Got Talent

americas got talentThe ninth season of America’s Got Talent, won by magician Mat Franco, has already been clouded in controversy as millions of mobile phones across the U.S. have gone missing.

Questions have also arisen as to how a male magician managed to gain more votes than a beautiful, blonde, female Caucasian songstress.

In a dramatic and tense finale at Radio City Music Hall on 17 September 2014, charismatic magician Franco edged out talented singer, Emily West to take the million dollar prize, as well as a gig in Las Vegas.

Just minutes after the results were announced, police departments across the U.S. were inundated with reports of missing mobile phones, as well as charges for text messages allegedly never sent.

Spokesperson for the New York Police Department, Captain Marvin Stripesmiles said unofficial figures for missing mobile phones reported that night stood at approximately 13 million.

“Originally, the number was almost 18 million reports, ya see, but a great deal number of ’em ya see, have been found, ya see,” said Stripesmiles.

According to Stripesmiles, the investigation was still at a sensitive stage, and he could not reveal where or how the missing phones had been recovered.

Stripesmiles did confirm each phone recovered had sent no less than 400 000 text messages voting for Franco. The respective owners of the phones had no idea who Franco was.

“I don’t fucking know this Franco dude, man. I ain’t even know where the fuck this America is, ya know. Da fuck did I send a text message. I’s only use the Whatsapp, ya see. I ain’t paying this bills, man. Da fuck,” said New York resident, Brooklyn ‘Candycrush’ Goodfellow, one of the fortunate few to have recovered his phone.

During America’s Got Talent Season 9, Franco mesmerised audiences with unprecedented wizardry – some of which included making mobile phones disappear.

Mat Franco
Mat Franco

On one occasion, Franco even retrieved the phone hidden in the upholstery of one of the seats at Radio City Music Hall.

As a result, Franco has become the prime suspect in the theft and unauthorised use of almost 20 million mobile phones across America.

America’s Got Talent producers refused to fully comment, saying they had used an independent auditor to count the votes and refused to become involved in any external investigations.

At the time of writing, Franco was still wanted by Police.

He was reportedly last seen on 13 October as a reflected mural on the Great Wall of China.

The finale aired on South African television on Wednesday 29 October.


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