Woolworths in embarrassing mix-up with frog

Dead-Frog-in-WoolworthsWoolworths South Africa suffered an embarrassing blow this week when a salad was found in a food container intended to only contain a frog.

The meal was packed in a pet shop in Randburg, Johannesburg.

The pre-packed lunch was especially ordered, following a request from a visiting French diplomat, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.

Spokesperson for Woolworths South Africa, Mervyn Bottleface said it is not known how the salad got into the container, but that the incident was currently under investigation.

“I’m just as horrified as everybody else. My WhatsApp hasn’t stopped. I’ve lost 18 Twitter followers. I haven’t had a retweet since Monday. I haven’t slept. My hair’s a mess. I just can’t anymore,” said Bottleface.

Mervyn Bottleface
Mervyn Bottleface

French diplomat Grenouille said he was highly offended to find lettuce, tomato and feta cheese hidden under his frog.

GrenouilleĀ refused to eat his meal and would be ordering his food directly from France in future.

The pet shop in question is also investigating the matter.

Pet shop owner, Sally Furgills said one of her staff members ended up with a boa constrictor in her lunch box that same day, so there seemed to have been some confusion.


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