Susan Boyle in Movember Rant

boylesBritain’s got Talent star Susan Boyle has lashed out at the British public following her failed Movember campaign.

Boyle, famous for her performances during the 2009 edition of Britain’s got Talent, was hoping to raise at least £1-million during her 2014 campaign.

At the deadline at midnight on Sunday night, Boyle had only raised £8,60.

£5 of that total was reportedly donated by a homeless man outside a shopping centre on Saturday.

“Last year I raised just over £1400,00. I cannot believe the ignorance of the British public. I’m disgusted,” said Boyle.

In protest at what she calls ‘complete apathy’, Boyle hired a local garden service company to remove her moustache on Friday afternoon – over 48 hours ahead of the official end of Movember.

A spokesperson for the garden service said it took them 6 hours to remove what they called a very well cultivated and landscaped patch of ground.

Boyle said she would think twice before taking part in Movember next year.

In 2012, Boyle released her autobiography called Fifty Shaves a Day.


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