Rumours sugggest more to emergency landing of VS43

Rumours havevirginflight emerged just hours after Virgin Atlantic flight VS43 from Gatwick to Las Vegas was forced to turn around with what was described as ‘landing gear problems’.

The world watched on social media as minute-by-minute updates were posted, as the Boeing 747 circled Gatwick, preparing for an extremely risky non-standard landing.

Initial reports from Virgin Atlantic were that the flight could not continue due to serious technical issues with the landing gear.

However, sources close to the airline have revealed there was nothing wrong with the aeroplane, but it needed to divert attention away from the fact that it had failed to load three trolleys of gluten-free meal options, and one for on-board banters.

The source, who has requested to remain anonymous, said as soon as it was realised the gluten-free and banting options were not on board, a plan needed to be made.

According to the source, Virgin Atlantic public relations officers immediately relayed the message to the flight deck, telling them to turn around immediately and ‘follow further instructions’.

International aviation experts agree the ‘heroic landing’ option was the better one, saying if it had leaked the airline failed to cater for gluten-free and banting passengers, consequences would have been nothing short of disastrous.

Banting has taken the world of nutrition by storm.

It is an eating plan in which all carbohydrates are equated with the devil.

Gatwick airport resumed all flights shortly after the Boeing 747 was towed away and the passengers safely back in the terminal.


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