Couple discovers own offspring during load shedding

eskomtwoA young South African mother is currently being treated for shock, after learning on Thursday last week she had three children – two of whom are still toddlers.

22-year-old Poppie Ligtoring and her husband 26-year-old Hermanus reported discovering the children in what they thought was the spare bedroom in their modest home in Benoni.

Hermanus said it was during load shedding [rolling black-out / power failure].

He said he had reached staged 1336 on his Nintendo Tetris, when Eskom cut the lights, and he was forced to look around for the first time in years.

Hermanus said he started that particular game in September 1999, and had not looked up since.

He did boast, however, in that Eskom had only reached stage three, when he was almost on stage 1500 of his particular game.

His wife Poppie, meanwhile, had also been busy since 1996, and found she had baked no less than 212 302 lemon meringues.

Poppie Ligtoring
Poppie Ligtoring

The children – now in a place of safety – are two, three, and six years old respectively.

Poppie says she has no recollection of either conceiving nor giving birth to any of them.

“These childs is definitely my childs. They is all having my ears. I wants my childs back. I has cakes for them,” said a severely shaken Poppie.

She is now selling her lemon meringues at a bargain R9,99 each.

Hermanus, meanwhile, has been missing along with his Nintendo console, since Monday.


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