SABC reporter embarrassed on camera

mvokoSABC contributing editor, Vuyo Mvoko was embarrassed on camera in Johannesburg on Tuesday evening.

While preparing to go live, with the cameras rolling, three men – believed to be sent by a corner loan shop shark – enter the shot before a scuffle ensues.

The men unashamedly approach Mvoko while in full view of the camera.

Mvoko, as well as the three men, then disappear from the shot, before two return seconds later, with one holding up an unknown amount of money.

A voice is then heard saying’ “We’ve been mugged. We’ve been mugged. Yes.”

Early reports, however, indicate the three men were sent by a well known Johannesburg loan shop, Kneecap Bash and Carry, to retrieve a debt of R18,70.

A reliable source, who spoke to #newsbyrory on agreement of anonymity, said Mvoko had borrowed the cash earlier that day as he had forgotten his lunch box at home.

The only reporter on the scene was Mvoko.

At the time of writing, Mvoko could not be reached for comment.



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