Shocking truth behind departure of One Direction’s Zayn Malik

bbc_malikShocking details have emerged surrounding the sudden resignation of One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

Malik walked away from the band’s world tour last week citing ‘stress’ as the reason for his departure.

However, sources close to the band have leaked shocking information behind Malik’s departure, which is bound to leave One Direction fans heartbroken.

According to the sources, who spoke on agreement of anonymity, Malik learned he was 2 months pregnant on Monday 16 March, and has apparently been in turmoil since.

One particular source said, “We’re all just shocked. I mean, he wasn’t even showing, but he thought something was wrong when he started having strange cravings. Two weeks ago, he insisted on at least 1000 daffodils in his dressing room at one gig. By the end of the night he had eaten them all, leaving just the stalks behind.”

Malik reportedly did the test secretly in a public bathroom in Brazil, with the pregnancy stick confirming the result.

#newsbyrory attempted to contact Malik, the other four members of One Direction, as well its management team, but they have all remained mum – which is exactly what Malik is about to become.

It is not known at this stage who the the other parent of the child is, or whether or not Malik will keep it.

The sources close to the band say Malik is just planning to take it one craving at a time.

Malik was last spotted on a private flight to Morocco chewing relentlessly on a moonstone.

One Direction will continue its world tour as a four-piece outfit and record a fifth album later this year.


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    • This article is amazing, there’s a page called wunderground which writes piss take articles in regards to all “EDM”, this is nothing compared that page.
      You just need to loosen up a little bit, but hey what can you expect from a one direction fan?


      • Dude that’s really rude. This article made me laugh, because in all honesty I’m getting over Zayn leaving, but some people are still devastated by the news and I can see why this is seen to be offensive. Generalising One Direction fans is so stupid and wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Haha looks like a jelouse hart broken fan cant handle the jokes and banter then dont read the fucking article..
      Your the fucking ideot.

      This shits actully fucking hilarious….
      Round of applause to the one that made this. 🙂


  1. Yes its hilarious. Although if he legitimately has taken a pregnancy test and it turned up positive as a joke or whatever – tell his family he has ball cancer ;p


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