World first for Durban during Xenophobic Attacks

South_Africa-Xenophobia-520x330Durban’s CBD saw a world first on Wednesday morning, amidst the looting and violence attributed to xenophobia.

A Somalian national had just closed his clothing and figurine shop, and was about to leave the city centre, when he was attacked by 16 young South African males at around 2 pm.

Exact details of the incident are still sketchy.

The Somalian, who is recovering in hospital, says he was possibly within inches of his life, when, all of a sudden a trending hashtag came to the rescue.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the man who asked to remain anonymous said, “I just looked up and saw the crowd of men, when the hashtag appeared out of nowhere.”

The man is still shaken, but says he can clearly remember seeing the hashtag #saynotoxenophobia.

He says as soon as the youths saw the hashtag approach, they dropped their batons, apologised profusely, and scrolled for safety.

The man is expected to make a full recovery.

It is the first known case in the world where a hashtag has actually saved a life.


(Photo taken of violence in Jeppe Street, Central Johannesburg)

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