Hospitals in KZN to adopt transformation

addingtonProvincial hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal are under pressure to adopt a policy of transformation when admitting patients for treatment.

This emerged at a media briefing in Durban on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking on Wednesday, Provincial spokesperson for the Department of Health, Sibusiso Allsorts said hospitals in KZN did not accurately reflect diversity with regard to medical procedures and ailments.

“I visited five provincial hospitals in KZN last week, and was shocked to find that three of them did not have a single patient suffering with appendicitis, while the other two each had more than twenty,” said Allsorts.

Allsorts said the problem was serious and needed to be addressed immediately.

He said, “There are over a million reasons to be in hospital, and we need all of our hospitals in the province to accurately reflect these reasons. We cannot have a thousand patients in one hospital being treated for a kidney ailment, while all the other hospitals are treating bronchitis. This is simply not fair and it is not a true reflection of our rainbow nation. We are a country full of a variety of diseases and all of our hospitals need to reflect this.”

Addington Hospital Senior Ward Manager, Rosemary Panicstation says she is ‘deeply concerned’ with the proposed move.

“If I find myself having to turn away a good, solid appendicitis patient to make place for one who is terminal, it would break my heart,” she said.

Allsorts said a task force would be formed to map the road ahead.

“If we need to start at grassroots, and move patients between paediatric wards in hospitals, then we will do that, but it is imperative we do it soon,” he said.


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