sylvia-two-newsA Durban housewife has described how her life was turned upside down this week after losing her rag early on Monday morning.

49-year-old Sylvia Schoolcraft was inconsolable as family members and close friends rallied around her shortly after she discovered the loss.

“In over 31 years of cleaning, washing up, making lunches, ironing, playing Solitaire and fetching kids from school, I’ve never ever lost my rag,” Sylvia said.

The married mother of two teenage sons says the last time she can remember using it was while wiping down the kitchen cupboards shortly after 9 o’clock on Monday morning.

“I took a tea-break and played a few rounds of Solitaire on my very own computer, and when I went back to the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes, my rag was nowhere to be seen,” she says.

Sylvia says it will take her a long time to get over the loss.

“Of all the things I could lose, why my rag? What am I supposed to do now?” she asked?

“It’s one of those things. You never actually think it will happen to you. I refuse point-blank to use a sponge,” she says.

Sylvia says she is emotionally shattered and would consider seeking domestic help for a few weeks until she is able to find her feet again.